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The Tantra-Lingam massage is done completely naked, for you as well as for your masseuse who will massage all your body gradually with hot oil on a futon, as the Hindu tradition. Your masseuse will massage you with the whole of her body. Gradually with her fingers, her hands, her feet, her breasts, her buttocks … Soft and strong at the same time, like a dance that will carry you away. What makes tantric massage so different is that it awakens your own sensuality. At the end of the massage the private parts will be massaged until the pleasure!
It is a safe and private meeting place with a single naturist beautician-masseuse of young, beautiful and refined French origin who has worked in the most prestigious Paris naturist salons that will make you discover a massage of exception and sensuality.

250 frs.- < 30 minutes
400 frs.- < 60 minutes

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« The time of well-being is short in life, and life itself is a fugitive thing. »

We invite you to live a unique experience in a warm and intimate atmosphere…
Adresse: Rue Lamartine 23 – 1203 Genève
& +41 76 420 18 12