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It is in the soft and expert hands of your naturist beautician and graduate, that you can, confidently and in mutual nudity, let yourself go to fully enjoy his passion for naturism and his expertise in the aesthetic. In this cocooning setting with warm colors, scents and distant music, you can cut yourself some time to recharge your batteries and get back in style like nowhere else. It is a safe and private meeting place with a single naturist beautician-masseuse of young, beautiful and refined French origin who has worked in the most prestigious Paris naturist salons that will make you discover a massage of exception and sensuality. The aesthetic care offered is only 24k gold face care, microdiamand face care and skin cleansing using various techniques including exfoliation and steam.


300 frs.- < 1 hour

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“The time of well-being is short in life, and life itself is a fugitive thing.”

We invite you to live a unique experience in a warm and intimate atmosphere…
Address: Rue Lamartine 23 – 1203 Geneva
& +41 76 420 18 12

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