Relaxing with essential oils, sports, hot stones, reflexology, palpate rolling manual
30 minutes 70chf
45 minutes 100chf
60 minutes 150chf
90minutes 200chf
60minutes to 4 hands 300chf


Facial treatment according to skin type/60min 150chf
– Scalp massage 20chf
– Facial hair removal 25chf
– Hand massage 20chf
– Foot massage 20chf
– Express hand care 50chf
Gold facial 24k/60min
Products use gold-based 24k + gold leaf (scrub, mask)
Technical apparatus according to the type of skin
Face modeling
Diamond facial/60min
Technical apparatus Dermabrasion with diamond tip
(Scrub, mask, massage)
Face modeling
Eyelash or eyebrow tint 30chf

Body care

– Back care 120chf
– Removal of impurities, mask and massage
– Scrub of the back 50chf
– Torso and belly exfoliation 50chf
– Leg scrub 120chf


Liming, care of cuticles and nails (Exfoliation, mask, massage) 100chf


Liming, care of cuticles and nails and sanding of calluses
(Scrub, mask, massage) 100chf


– Back and shoulders 60chf
– Chest and belly 60chf
– Armpits 40chf
– Eyebrows 25chf
– Legs 70chf
– Complete arms 50chf
– Forearm 35chf
– Hands or Feet 15chf
– Mustache or neck 20chf
– Full beard 40chf
– Face (nose, eyebrows, ears) 40chf
– Complete buttocks 50chf
– Inter gluteal 30chf
– Brazilian shirt 55chf
– Full shirt 80chf

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